Established in 1961, Crest is one of the largest providers of ultrasonic cleaning systems and chemistries in the world. 

The organisation is involved in various ultrasonic sectors among which are piezo ceramics, development of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, chemistries and cleaning agents and specialized ultrasonic assembly systems. 

Crest's involvement in such a broad spectrum of industries allows us to share knowledge, technology and resources among our worldwide entities. This benefits our customers with lower production costs, faster production times and an inexhaustible bank of solutions. At the moment, we have over 1,000 employees and thousands of customers in over 100 countries. Such an expansive service infrastructure cannot be matched by any of our competitors. 

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are renowned for their market-leading performance and innovative solutions. It is our constant drive to provide overall machine or component cost reduction, and improvement in the overall quality levels - resulting in substantially better ultrasonic machines and components. 

Through our extensive knowledge of ultrasonic technology, we are able to tailor systems and equipments to our customers' exact needs. No other company makes more custom ultrasonic cleaning systems than Crest anywhere in the world. 

Crest has its headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia.

World leading ultrasonic equipment is created here at Advanced Ceramics Technology Malaysia. 

Renowned for their superior cleaning performance, efficiency and reliability, our advanced and customized aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning systems are used by some of the world's most prominent corporations. 

Advanced Ceramics Technology Malaysia is the manufacturing centre for The Crest Group. The 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility supplies ultrasonic equipment to all the Crest Group sales offices and subsidiaries including those in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our facility has been recognised as one of the most innovative and quality producing facilities in the ultrasonic industry.

Based in Penang, the state-of-the-art 120,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility designs and produces advanced and customised aqueous and solvent cleaning systems targeted to meet the most challenging cleaning requirements.