Crest Multiple-Arm and Walking Beam Automation
This custom-engineered ten stations ultrasonic cleaning system consists of wash, rinse and dry stations integrate with three(3) units of Rigibot which serve as automated material handling system and a conveyor with walking beam system. These Rigibot handle the working carriers/baskets in wash and rinse process according to recipe and eventually transfer them on a walking beam for drying process, in a tunnel dryer. All dried and cleaned parts finally move to unload conveyor ready to be removed.


Precision Solvent Cleaning System
The fully automated Stackclean-100 is ideal for precision cleaning of disk drive headstack assemblies, complex electromechanical assemblies, or any demanding application where sub-micron particles must be removed.

  • PLC Controlled
  • Graphic Operator Interface
  • Sealed loading and unloading chambers with CDA purge.
  • Patented Vertiflow™ Filtration
  • Multiple cleaning recipes
  • High Frequency Martin Walter
  • Two baskets at a time are
    moved through the system to
    speed productivity
  • In-tank lift with programmable
    immersion depth
  • Super cooled drying zone to
    prevent de-lubing the bearing.
  • Integral distillation system with
    molecular sieve drier
  • All solvent wetted components
    are 316L stainless steel
  • Electro-polished immersion
  • 304 stainless steel cabinetry
    and frame construction



Eco-Friendly Bi-Solvent Cleaning System

Our Patent-Pending F-500 Bi-Solvent Cleaning System is ideal for the removal of organic residues like fingerprints, mold releases, waxes and pitches, lubricants, heavy greases, adhesives, inks, and other difficult substances...all without the use of ozone depletors, hazardous air pollutants, or Proposition 65 listed substances.